The World’s Fastest Skinsuit ?

Anyone with even a passing interest in track cycling will have picked up on the story of the HUUB Wattbike team. A small privateer outfit based out of a houseshare in Derby, over the past year they’ve beaten first the Belgians and then the mighty Team GB in the team pursuit.

These upsets by a trade team competing at World Cup events dominated by national squads were followed by John Archibald, sibling of Scottish track racer Katie, setting a new world sea-level record in the individual pursuit In the coming months, the boys now have further records in their sights, including the team pursuit, individual pursuit, and Bradley Wiggins’ hour record.

According to their calculations, they reckon they’ve both the gas and the kit to be in with a shot at all three. Big talk then, still they’ve reason to be confident. Backed by their own version of Team GB’s famous secret squirrel club, the HUUBWattbike team benefits from the support of the snazzily named Fellowship of Speed.

Made up of aerodynamicists, national champions, CFD engineers, product designers, world record holders, physiotherapists, physiologists and people with titles too secret to safely reveal, one of the areas they’ve dedicated the most time to is the team’s skinsuits. Made by triathlon specialists HUUB, they won’t do for swimming, but they seem to work for breaking world records.

Apparently good fora 25-watt-plus saving, they’ve been created with help from aerodynamicists Vorteq, who’ve sunk over a quarter of a million quid into the project The result is what they believe to be the fastest ever skinsuit Available to buy in the near future, assuming you’ve got the cash, you’ll soon be able to see for yourself.

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