Indispensable Griezmann

Even if it was not a reference match, Antoine Griezmann once again showed, against Moldova, all it’s class and all the variety of his game: the sense of purpose, the sense of scrollings and that of the set pieces, as he had already done during World Cup.

We can not forget goals Raphael Varane against Uruguay and Samuel Umtiti against Belgium, and I would also mention that of Mario against his camp, in the final, following a vicious free kick from Griezmann.If we add the important penalties he has transformed, that makes many decisive moments.

Griezmann Today more than an attacker, more than a playmaker. His intelligence allows him to play between the lines to better stand out, finding themselves alternatively in position number 9 and number 10. It is also able to feel the rhythm of a match and that of his team, to control the pulse. If it is necessary to delay, he will stall in the middle to bring numerical superiority and engage a possession sequence. Conversely, he knows also give the impetus, speed up the game on one or two ball keys. And he creates the movement around him by his triangle game or its one-two.

In Moldova, we saw it initiate a beautiful sequence of three successive one-two with Mbappé, Giroud and still Mbappé. His goal also comes from a one-two with Paul Pogba. The game palette Griezmann is huge because it is not only useful in the offensive aspect of the game.

In the defensive withdrawal, in the pressing, he is very generous. But he is also in his collective attitude vis-à-vis its partners. A very important moment has illustrated against Uruguay (1-0, November 20, 2018), when he had left a penalty to Olivier Giroud, in a period when this last did not mark anymore.

Instead of thinking about his statistics, he preferred to heal the trust of his attack partner. Griezmann is indispensable, and I think that we do not emphasize enough its colossal importance in France team. he is true that we were a little carried away and blinded by the great talent of Kylian Mbappé and by his emergence as a new phenomenon of world football.

This is not the fault Kylian, but it’s unfair to Antoine. The Madrilenian is, without doubt, further from our eyes, while Mbappé evolves in France, in the capital, where he receives more attention. Antoine Griezmann and Kylian Mbappé are major players in blue, as decisive and indispensable as each other in different styles. Do not forget to recognize the talent of the first to its true value.

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