Only At This Hotel In Aspen – This Adorable Bernese Mountain Dog Wil give welcome and even Come and Tuck You In At Night !

Vacations – we love them, and if your thought of a dream vacation is escaping to snow and winter fun, you may need to consider planning a trip to Aspen.
The only drawback to traveling is that sometimes our furry friends can’t come with us. Whilst we have many pet sitters we know and trust, it’s simply not the same when our beloved pets are not there to share the experience with us.

Whenever feasible, we like to appear for hotels that enable pets, and we’ve found an amazing one in Aspen. The St. Regis Aspen Resort is certainly a luxury hotel with their particular very own spa, fantastic restaurants, and suites with marble bathrooms and custom leather beds. They have one other unique perk – their very own dog.

Yes, the resort has used a Bernese Mountain dog named Kitty Jacob Astor IV. This is the initial time ever that the Aspen property has had a resident dog. Kitty is named following the St. Regis’ Hotel founder, John Jacob Astor IV, who had a dog called Kitty. Kitty was born in July 2018, and around Christmas, the hotel announced that the dog would officially live there. It was their very own Christmas present.

Kitty has his very own Instagram page where you could see him playing in the snow, interacting with hotel guests and operating down the hotel’s halls. Kitty also with the children’s storytime, guest air-port arrivals and is even available to wish guests goodnight.

While you can undoubtedly enjoy interacting with Kitty in your stay at the St. Regis Aspen Resort, that does not mean that you can’t provide your own beloved pet with you. The hotel welcomes dogs and even has many facilities just for them. There’s a one-time $75 fee and a $25 per day fee per room to bring your pets with you, but since that’s per room and not per pet, that means that if you have multiple dogs, you’ll still only have the one fee.

If you want to consider your dog(s) with you to appreciate the snow, the hotel offers dog hiking vests, dog booties, dog carriers and more facilities to make sure your pet can maximize his pleasure outside.

If you want to venture out with out your pet once in a while, the hotel also provides dog walking and dog sitting services.

Upon arrival, guests with pets will also be provided with a dog bed and a dog bowl. There are even exclusive menu options for pets.

Do you like to travel with your pets? Do you think your pets would enjoy staying the St. Regis Aspen Resort?

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