Kitten Who Lost Use of Back Legs, Now Moves Faster Than Other Cats and Helps Kitties in Need

A man from New Jersey was at a job site near a port when he saw a tiny kitten fall from a machine. He rushed over, scooped him up and saved his life.

A feral cat mom with a tiny singleton had been seen wandering around the area. The kitten was only a few days old but he was not in the best shape. They decided to watch the kitties and keep the mom fed so the baby could continue nursing.

When the guy saw the cat mom drop her kitten from the machine, he knew it was time to intervene. “The kitten was barely breathing, disgustingly dirty, and still had his umbilical cord attached,” Dawn Firestone, the man’s wife, told Love Meow.

Dawn was worried that the little one wouldn’t make it. “His mouth was open, he was freezing and would gasp for air every 10 seconds or so.”

She turned up the heat in her car and rubbed him to get him to come back. “I promised him right then and there that if he made it I would give him the best life ever!”

That’s when the kitten let out a long meow as if to tell his rescuer that he wasn’t ready to give up. For the first day, Dawn had to feed him with a dropper to dribble food into his mouth as he was too weak to eat.

“It was a very rough few days but every day he got better and better! He was such a fighter so I named him Rocky,” she told Love Meow.

Three days later, Rocky was strong enough to start crawling. He finally got a much-needed bath and even began to purr. He had amazing fighting spirit from the start.

As he continued to heal, Dawn noticed something different about the way he walked.

“When he started to show signs of things, I thought he was scooting because he was so tiny and maybe he was leaving a pee trail like a snail because he was a slow learner.”

After surviving the fall and bouncing back from the brink, Rocky faced yet another huge challenge.

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