What Helps Kids do Well in School

SCHOOL CHILDREN are encouraged to practice proper hygiene to protect them from the germ and bacterial infection.

Health and hygiene authorities, however, caution that washing hands with ordinary soap alone is not an assurance that a child is safe from the germ and bacterial infection.

They recommend instilling in children the habit of washing their hands with tested and clinically proven superior skin germ protection soap.

Some institutions both from the government and the private sector partner with schools not only to promote proper health and hygiene but also to ensure that a schoolchild’s performance is at par with his or her physical well-being.

One of these private institutions is Procter and Gamble Phils. (P&G), maker of Safeguard antibacterial soap. Because the issue of health and hygiene has a significant impact on P&G consumers, the company has chosen to focus on health and hygiene as part of its efforts to him. Prove the quality of life of Filipinos, particularly children.

Through its partnership with public and private elementary schools nationwide, P&G is implementing a health and hygiene education program for schoolchildren focusing on three simple ways:

• Frequent washing of hands
• Taking a bath every day
• Keeping one’s surroundings clean.

Very simple ways indeed, but with long-lasting effects on the schoolchild’s health and pie forma nee.

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