How to photograph the energy of a city

reveals how you can capture the pace and vibe of a city:

􀀟 Before arriving at your location, I’d recommend reading up on it – travel guides, yes, but also novels, which give a sense of the color and character of a place.

􀀟 Take time to wander around a city and take it all in before you start snapping. Often, I’ll leave my camera at home and go out strolling to force
myself to absorb the atmosphere.

􀀟 In terms of showing the energy of a city, I like shooting at dusk. At that
time of day, there’s the buzz of all the workers coming out onto the streets,
and the lights are turning on. There’s a rich hue in the sky and the west-facing buildings get a warm glow in the setting sun. Dusk is a great time to shoot people, architecture and mood.

􀀟 This photograph was shot on a tripod with a long exposure, to show the traffic trails. Generally, though, it’s better to photograph cities without a tripod: you can be more fluid and spontaneous. It’s good to be mobile when trying to capture the pace of a city.

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