This side take of the classic puts a new youthful twist on high-speed hair.
1 Run your fingers through your hair while you blow-dry it.
2 Smooth your mane down with a large paddle brush and arrange it to one side utilize a fine-toothed comb (1). ‘This will keep it looking sleek, and away from the face when running,’ says Budi.

3 Next, pull your hair neatly into a tight side ponytail, sitting just behind your ear, and secure it with a hair elastic (2).
4 Tame any annoying flyaways with a smoothing serum to keep it in place.
‘The sleeker, the better,’ adds Budi.

The Ballet Bun

This pulled-back style will have you looking sleek in your next barre class. 1 Start by curling your dry hair all over with a styling wand (1).
2 Once your hair has completely cooled, lightly brush out the curls with
a large paddle brush to create a wavy and fluffy texture. Budi recommends lightly spritzing with a sea salt spray beforehand to give the hair grip.

3 Next, pull all of your hair back into a high, loose ponytail on the
crown of the head, and secu it with a thick elastic band.
4 Twist into a loose bun, then pin the ends with bobby pins to secure in place (2). If you have any flyaways, push them back with a headband.
5 Finish with a light mist of hairspray for a stronghold.

boxer braids 

1 Separate your hair in two
Start by delineating the sections of hair that you will braid by drawing a clear central line. Use a comb to remove it from the middle of the forehead and extend it to the nape of the neck to separate your hair into two equal parts. Then tie each of them in a comforter.Start an African weaving
Detach one of the duvets to make the first mat. Then select three strands of the same width at the front of your head, closer to the roots. Be careful not to take all the hair of the section because they will be used for the realization of an African weave, that is to say, it will be necessary to add small wicks to each strand of the mat as and when as the matting.

2 Make two reverse glued braids
Pursue your mat by creating an inverted braiding with three strands to give relief to your boxers braids. For this, simply pass the middle strand underneath instead of above the other strands. At each step of the braiding, tighten tightly to get nice, regular plaits. So wrap your lengths to the ends and tie with an elastic band.

You just have to repeat the operation on the second part of your hair to finalize your duet of glued braids. A veil of lacquer finish to avoid frizz and you won!

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