WEDDING AND A BABY: the first time katy perry orlando bloom speaking about their secret life

With their big day plans in full the couple are expanding their family

She’s described their romance as an ‘end of the rainbow kind of love’ and now it looks like smitten kittens Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom is set to marry! ‘I’min a happy place. I’min a good place, and I’m looking forward to my future,’ Katy says. Katy and Orly have been dating for three years
(aside from a brief separation in 2017), but they’ve been solid ever since. ‘They’re planning to their wedding,’ an insider close to the pair exclusively said OK!. ‘He asked her to get married on the beach three months ago. He also gave her his great-grandmother’s ruby ring. She’s so excited!’

Pirates of the Caribbean star who was married to model Miranda Kerr,35 year old for three years has made no secret of the actuality that he’s ready to marry again. ‘I need a wife,’ the 42-year-old British actor admits, adding that Katy, 34, is the one. ‘She’s are a markable human being.’ He’s actually described falling for Katy, after the pair met at a Golden Globes after party in 2016, as like becoming ‘hit sideways

Orlando adds, ‘You don’t choose who you fall in love with.’ Firework songstress Katy is similarly loved up, too! ‘I love my relationship,’ she spills. ‘He’s the kindest and cutest man I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with.’ The wedding planning is already well underway, according to our source. ‘They want a small wedding if possible,’ our insider reveals. ‘In Italy, because they love it there.’ Katy, especially, is keen to keep the ceremony small, simple and private.

In 2010, she married British comedian Russell Brand, 43, in a lavish Indian ceremony, only for their union to disintegrate acrimoniously 14 months later. ‘Since they’ve both been married before, they feel like big weddings are sort of a curse,’ our source explains. A wedding isn’t the only thing the pair are looking forward to – they’re also keen to start a family of their own! ‘Katy and Orlando have actually been trying for a baby for months. ‘They both love children so much, and Katy has been acting as a step mum to Orlando’s eight-yearold son with Miranda Flynn for a while now.’ While Katy and Orlando prefer to keep their relationship under wraps, they’ve both admitted that they’re keen to have kids together.

When asked by fans on Instagram recently if he wants more children, Orly quickly replied, ‘Yes, I love being a dad!’ Katy has said she wants children of her own, too when the time is right. ‘I wouldn’t want to take a child on tour,’ she’s said. ‘Not until, like, birth through five is over.’ Katy’s Witness world tour wrapped up in August 2018 and then in October that same year, the pop singer announced she was taking an extended break from music. ‘I’ve been on the way for 10 years, so I’m just going to shudder.’ With Katy calling Orlando her ‘anchor,’ it sounds like someone is getting ready to set sail on a new journey! ‘She’ll be pregnant very soon,.’ ‘All the roads are clear.’ A wedding and a baby it looks like Katy and Orly have struck gold Congrats!

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