How Get The Best Swimming Hairstyle In 2019 ?

There’s no need to wear a rubber swimming cap
that rips out hair when it’s taken off. This slick
braid does a better (pain-free) job.

1Work a silky leave-in conditioner through dry hair, using your fingertips to slick it back off your face. ‘This will add instant moisture to the hair
and help to tame any frizzy ends,’ says hairstylist Budi Juspandi, who created these looks.
2 Part your hair into three sections utilize a fine-toothed tail comb, pinning two sections up and away with bobby pins (1). ‘This will clear the extra hair
out of your face as you braid each section,’ he says.

3 Finally, braid each section tight to the head, so you
end up with three braids.
4 Pull them all togetherat the back of the neck and secure with a hair elastic (2). YOU’LL have Leave-In.
4 Twist into a loose bun, then pin the ends with bobby pins to secure in place (2). If you have any flyaways, push them back with a headband.
5 Finish with a light mist of hairspray for a stronghold. and fix with
bobby pins (3). 4 Finish off the look by wrapping lots of colored hair elastics over the bun. You can usually match them with your crop top

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