Super Blue Blood Moon Today

The “blue moon” aspect simply means it is the second full moon in a month, not that the moon will appear blue. A blue moon happens on average just under every three years. This phenomenon is called a supermoon because the moon, in its elliptical orbit, is near its closest point to Earth.

This rise of Moon occurred in North America, Hawaii, the Middle East, Russia, Asia and Australia had the chance to witness a rare “super blue blood moon” on Wednesday (Jan 31), when Earth’s shadow bathed the moon in a coppery hue.

The celestial show is the result of the sun, Earth, and Moon lining up perfectly for a lunar eclipse just as the Moon is near its closest orbit point to Earth, making it appear “super” large.

If you miss this one, the next blue moon total lunar eclipse will happen on Dec 31, 2028, though it won’t be quite as large since the moon will not be at its closest point to Earth.

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